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Friday, February 17, 2006


Ever since I have understood cooking, I have seen my mom make ghee at home. I do not remember anybody ever buying ghee for our home kitchen. When we were in India, ma used to make it with malai scraped off the milk. It was pretty complicated and I am yet to master that method. However, after moving to the US, she uses unsalted butter. Ricky, you mentioned ghee in one of your comments and that you had no means of getting it. Here is a recipe to make ghee! I also searched a bunch of recipes online and they are pretty close to how my ma makes it.

Unsalted butter and a heavy bottomed pan

1) Add butter to the pan and bring it to a boil at medium to high heat.
2) Then turn the heat on low and leave the butter on till it starts forming a foam like top layer. do not stir too often but make sure it does not stick to the bottom as well.
3) After a while, when ghee is almost done little light brown solid butter masses will start forming at the bottom. I call these ghee residue. B
4) A nutty ghee-like aroma can also be noticed and at this time a second layer of foam should have also formed.
5) Take the foam layer of lightly without getting too much of the ghee off.
6) Drain the ghee in a bottle with a cloth or strainer to separate the residue from the ghee.
7) Store in a container at room temperature

Making ghee for the first time can be tricky. My first time wasn't that great, but slowly you get the hang of it when you start recognizing the aroma and knowing its ready! Its full blown fat but it sure is yummy!

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A Note to Remember: Good cooking is more about using the right ratios than using the right quantities. Each hand its own dish! Eat away!


Blogger l_0oio0_l said...

Have tame Ghee ni recepie aapi deedhi che....to have Jalebi pan sikhivi dyo!!!!

2:58 AM  
Anonymous kaush said...

haha IooiooI, great to see you after a while! Jalebi banavta to nathi aavadtu ....but I will try to learn ..:-D why dont you make it and tell me the recipe ;)

8:24 PM  
Anonymous dj said...

LOL, I hv a better recipe:

1. Go to departmental store/kirana shop
2. Ask for 'ghee'
3. Pay money, and return!


12:50 AM  
Anonymous kaush said...

yea DJ But when a tiny bottle cost 7 USD in the US of A...i think this is MUCH better!!! :P

1:08 AM  
Blogger l_0oio0_l said...

I made ghee today!!! turned out to be good!!! i mean i saved like 10 bucks !!!!! yeah pan ghee banava no kutho baav che !!!

8:27 PM  
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