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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


From the Chai Tea Lattes of Starbuckss to the hot cuppa tea that every Indian household savours each morning, this little hot drink is a hot-favourite of mine. Why the recipe? Believe it or not, as easy as it sounds, each household has their own little variation of tea. It took me quite a while to get the right ratios and make a good cup of tea and my roomie does not get to drink tea when she is at home without me! So here roomie, this one is dedicated to ya! The way I drink my cuppa tea!

1 cup water
1 cup milk
2-3 teaspns tea
3-4 teaspns sugar
1-2 teaspn tea masala (found usually at grocery stores) - not necessary but adds that spicy kick to the tea
A little grated ginger
Tea leaves if you can get any add an amazing taste!

1) Take the water in a pan, add tea, sugar, tea masala, and the ginger and bring to a boil
2) Add milk to this mixture once the water has boiled for a minute or so
3)Bring to a boil!
4) Serve hot with virtually anything!

Variations: You can make all kinds variations to this drink! Cinnamon, ginger, less water, more milk, cream, whipped cream, icecream, anything! I like a little more milk in mine so I use 1 1/2 cup milk instead of one.

Tips: To make what is called the "kadak" chai, increase the amount of tea and bring the final mixture to a boil several times. For parents and elders with diabetes, add less sugar. For lactose intolerants - no milk!

The English might have given us the plain black liquid tea, but we sure have added our spices and made it a part of our daily lives! Chilled with whipped cream or a hot cup with paranthas, tea is a must make!

Published in the Desserts, Drinks, and Sweets and Snacks categories.

A Note to Remember: Good cooking is more about using the right ratios than using the right quantities. Each hand its own dish! Eat away!


Anonymous I Take No Logic said...

Yess... Me first...!!! and that too on a chai post... :)

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Roomie said...

YAY! I am SO excited about actually making the tea---correctly!! Thanks so much for the recipe, girl!! --Your no longer tea-deprived roommate

11:40 PM  
Anonymous kaush said...

ITNL - yep yep...!

"tea-deprived" Roomie - anything for ya! now that you are here...you will be treated to the famous kaushal "kadak" chai!
PS- "kadak" is strong!

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:02 AM  
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